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Ankle/Foot Pain
Physical Therapy for Ankle/Foot Pain
Arthritis Pain
Physical Therapy for Arthritis Pain
Back Pain
Physical Therapy for Back Pain
Balance Rehab
Balance Rehab
Elbow/Wrist Pain
Physical Therapy for Elbow/Wrist Pain
Knee Pain
Physical Therapy for Knee Pain Pain
Neck Pain
Physical Therapy for Neck Pain
Shoulder Pain
Physical Therapy for Shoulder Pain
Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy for Sports Injuries, Work Injuries and Back & Neck Injuries
  Doctoral trained Hands-on Therapy
Doctoral trained Hands-on therapy

Anodyne Therapy Brochures

Anodyne Therapy
Anodyne Therapy
Do you feel off balance while walking?
Balance Ad
Seniors, do you feel off balance?
Anodyne Therapy
Stinging pain in your feet?
Stinging pain in your feet
Feet on fire?
Foot Flyer - Feet on fire
Painful feet slowing you down?
Foot Flyer - Painful Feet
Is chronic pain interfering
with your swing?
Golf Flyer - chronic pain
Don't be Sidelined by Pain!
Don't be Sidelined by Pain
Anodyne Therapy
Pain Relief Trusted by the Pros
Anodyne Therapy - Pain Relief Flyer
Walking on Pins & Needles?
Walking on Pins and Needles?
Is chronic pain keeping
you twisted up in knots?
Is chronic pain keeping you twisted up in knots?
Imagine your life without pain
Imagine your life without pain