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    Rated 5/5 based on 8 customer reviews
    "Mr. Malak Azab and his team were very professional and cordial, knowledgeable, and caring. Their treatment (technology, exercise, acupuncture) was efficient & yielded positive results."
    Mar 25, 2021
    "St. Tereiza's is a great place to go. The girls in the front are awesome and so friendly especially Josie snd Arielle. Dr. Malak is great with the patients and really helped my pain. I will be coming here for a long time!"
    Jul 02, 2020
    "Dr. Malak and staff are excellent. The office is very professional, and very prompt for your appointment. Dr. Malak was so thorough with my initial evaluation and explained in detail my plan of care. Very very professional. I can walk better after my first treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Malak. The best physical therapy office. "
    Jun 19, 2020
    "Extremely friendly environment, Dr.Malak and staff work well with you. I have gotten a lot out of physical therapy here. I would recommend him. "
    Mar 16, 2020
    "5 Stars! The doctors & staff at St Tereiza's are wonderful - very kind, pleasant, caring and efficient. I had relief from my sudden onset back pain with just a few treatments & was able to go on vacation! By the end of my (short term) treatment I am pain free. I highly recommend St. Tereiza."
    Mar 11, 2020
    "I'm a patient and very happy the doctor is very knowledgeable and accommodating to your needs"
    Feb 06, 2020
    "I have been going to St. Tereiza Physical Therapy for over 10 years. My whole family has been going too. I recommend my friends and people I know to go to Dr. Malik because he has a gift. He helped me avoid a shoulder operation and he helped my pinched nerve in my back. He uses all types of treatment such as massage, stim, ultrasound, laser, and heat. He gives you appropriate exercises to help strengthen you to avoid getting injured again. Dr. Malik has a great sense of humor and he really knows his stuff. His staff is very nice too. The office is clean and relaxing and therapeutic. There are educational videos in the waiting area too. If I could St. Tereiza more stars I'd give them a million. They are the best and Dr. Malik is the best Physical Therapist in Suffolk County as far as I am concerned. I highly recommend him."
    Feb 04, 2020
    "Great physical therapy office."
    Jan 31, 2020
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    I have been going to Dr. Azab for two years and consider him a leader in his field. Dr. Azab actually cares about his patients as individual people and treats them carefully as well. I have recommended Dr. Azab to many people and members of my family as well. I also will continue to recommend him in the future. He has helped me when other physical therapists could not. His office staff is kind and professional in both locations. His offices are also clean and pleasant to visit.

    A Happy Patient

    I only went to Dr. Azab's office for a month, but it was a good experience. He and his staff made me feel quite comfortable, which is important to me because I get quite self-conscious when I have to wave my damaged foot around for someone to work their magic on. Thank you, St. Tereiza Physical Therapy & Rehab.


    Dr. Malak has helped me considerably. I have a pinched nerve in my neck. It causes a great deal of pain in my neck and my arm. Since I have been treated by Dr. Malak, my pain has been relieved. Also, I am able to move my neck either way. Before, I could not do it without pain. I would recommend Dr. Malak to others with similar conditions.


    I have been coming to St. Tereiza Physical Therapy & Rehab for several months and my physical pain has been diminishing each time. I am very grateful to Dr.(pain) Malak for his care and treatment and his pleasant nature and understanding of me and each and every patient. Meghan the receptionist makes coming for treatment a little less painful. She is very helpful and appears to be the doctor's right hand at all times. My condition has improved enabling me to function again. Thank you St. Tereiza Physical Therapy & Rehab for helping me return to a life I once knew.


    My experience here with Physical Therapy was good. Dr. Malak Azab and staff worked really well with their patients and they were very courteous. I would recommend others to come here if needed, I would come back.

    Gil Callaway

    My treatment here at St. Tereiza Physical Therapy & Rehab has been great. I was always treated friendly and kindly by the Doctor and his staff. My treatment here has helped me get my knee working better again. I appreciate all that was done for me here at St. Tereiza Physical Therapy & Rehab.

    Christine Quinitchette

    I have been a patient of Dr. Malak Azab since October 2009. Dr. Malak Azab has treated me for both a shoulder and an ankle injury. From my first visit, I have a dramatic difference in both pain and mobility. I will definitely use Dr. Malak Azab again and also refer him to both family and friends.

    Dominco De Lucia

    The pain in my heel was reduced to the degree that I could walk after my first visit. Within a month I was pain free. I thank you.

    Doreen James

    I have been a patient at St. Tereiza Physical Therapy & Rehab since July 14, 2009, and I have had the care and respect needed. Dr. Malak Azab is a very thoughtful Physical Therapist Doctor, and very humorous. He always asks how you are doing, and how you are feeling every visit. I feel I have made some progress coming to this facility. My condition has diminished greatly. Although I am very tired and fatigue after treatment, but I know that it is working, so I make sure I come back. Thanks to Dr. Malak and his staff for making a pleasurable place for me to heal and be close to home.

    Thank you,
    Dawn Amato

    I have been a patient at St. Tereiza Physical Therapy & Rehab for about seven months now. I am being treated for a work-related injury which I got back in April. Dr. Malak Azab and his staff helped me on my worse days. There treatment and therapy kept me moving until I finally got approved for my shoulder repair surgery in September. I remember coming to Physical Therapy and saying to Dr. Malak Azab, 'I just left my orthopedist can you please explain and show me what's wrong with me in English'. Dr. Malak Azab always smiled and took the time to explain in the way that I would understand.

    I remember when I was finally going into surgery the only question I had for my orthopedist was when can I go back to therapy? Of course, he laughed and said that he has never had a patient ask that question before a shoulder repair. My Doctor realized quickly that I would be weekly for me until he let me return to Physical Therapy. I am a 37-year-old female and I needed my right arm. Three weeks later I was back in Physical Therapy, staples just came out of my shoulder. Dr. Malak Azab took his time and worked on my shoulder. Even though therapy is hard at times it is also comforting to know that Dr. Malak Azab will get everything back to working. I am very happy to be a patient at St. Tereiza Physical Therapy & Rehab.

    Thank you,
    Shinnequa Williams

    I have worked with Dr. Malak Azab for my two different conditions and both the times, his treatments have been very effective, I would recommend him to my relatives and friends, if they should need the services of Physical Therapy.

    Peter B.

    Dr. Malak Azab and his staff were very professional and courteous. My appointments were prompt and they worked hard to get me out in a timely manner. After visiting Dr. Malak Azab I have vastly improved and would recommend his office to everyone.


    St. Tereiza Physical Therapy & Rehab is a very good therapy center. I am happy with their treatment. Therapist is a very good professional and very good human being as well. I enjoyed all my sessions. I will love to refer my friends to your center.

    Anjana Roy

    I came to Dr. Azab complaining with neck pain into my shoulder. I could not put on my coat without crying in pain. The pain would wake me out of my sleep. By coming to Dr. Azab I feel much better. The therapy helps me. I would like to continue to see Dr. Azab until I am pain-free. Dr. Azab and staff are friendly, courteous and professional. I would highly recommend their services to my family and friends.

    Julia Belnavis

    Dr. Azab makes me feel comfortable every time I arrive for treatment. I was set-up with the treatment equipment promptly upon arrival. The pain and discomfort in my ankle were relieved after treatment. Dr. Azab has a good 'bed-side' manner and a good sense of humor. Dr. Azab takes the time to explain what each apparatus does to make one feel better.

    Angelo Presti

    Dr. Malak, a consummate professional. It's a friendly, relaxing atmosphere. Personal attention, compassionate and caring staff. I trust Dr. Malak's therapy and methods and would not consider going anywhere else!

    Diane Fosdick

    I am very satisfied with care and treatment. Much explanation was given regarding all procedures and instructions to do some exercises at home. I felt much improvement and my pain level was reduced.

    Lucille Gajewski

    I had an excellent experience and am very comfortable with my therapist Dr. Malak. He is very attentive to all my needs and gives me all the answers to my concerns. The atmosphere is excellent. Everyone is very courteous professionally and socially. I actually enjoy coming here. It has helped a lot.

    Frances Moore

    The Doctor is very attentive to my condition and provides the care that I need and has helped me improve the staff in welcoming and kind.

    Jessica K.

    I have been to 2 other places and St. Tereiza Physical Therapy & Rehab is by far the best. Dr. Malak is very good doctor and loves to joke and talk with patients. I feel a lot better since coming here. The staff is very nice and professional.


    I have been using Dr. Malak for 3 months now and have seen such an improvement in my mobility even from day one!! Most of my pain was gone within a week and Dr. Malak gave me exercises I can do at home to help improve beyond his office. The staff was very friendly and it was a nice atmosphere in the office. I thought I would dread having to go to therapy 3x a week but I actually find myself having fun while I am there. Dr.Malak is a very funny man and all the patients are in such good spirits whenever I am there. I would highly recommend St. Tereiza Physical Therapy & Rehab!!

    Long Island Gal

    I am currently going to Dr. Azab of St. Tereiza Physical Therapy & Rehab for physical therapy. He is so wonderful! I have been in severe pain for two years, he is the first doctor to help me get my life back. You always see the doctor, he is caring with a unique hands-on approach. Dr. Azab has a very friendly office when you enter you are greeted by Victoria who is warm and caring. I highly recommend Dr. Azab.


    I highly recommend Dr. Azab for physical therapy. I was going to another therapist but found I did not get any relief and the therapist spent no more than 5' working on me. I was then referred to Dr. Azab by a friend who is an MD and I finally feel like I am making some progress. Dr. Azab spends at least a half-hour with hands-on treatment followed by therapeutic modalities and exercise. The office staff is friendly and efficient. A great place to go to if you. want to get better! Danielle, Mt. Sinai, NY


    I have been to numerous physical therapists which I didn't like but I love St. Tereiza Physical Therapy & Rehab. Dr. Azab is better than every other doctor because he has an incredible sense of humor which makes coming for an appointment enjoyable. He is the antithesis of the typical boring doctor that you see on every television show. Unlike many other physical therapy offices, I see the doctor every week rather than assistants who haven't even graduated yet. It's nice to go to a physical therapist who can actually remember my name and my condition and knows what he's talking about!

    I have bad scoliosis and physical therapy is my last option before surgery, and as of right now, I am improving thanks to Dr. Azab. At every office visit, I get a lot of up-to-date treatment as well as home exercises. I already feel less back pain and I've only been a patient for about 2 and a half months.

    The office staff is all so friendly and caring. They greet you by name as you walk in and they are so easy to converse with. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. The office is clean and the perfect size! When I go in for an appointment there isn't a waiting time, the second I sign in, treatment starts. I thought it would be hard to make appointments because I have such a busy schedule with school, work and community service but the office has such flexible hours that accommodate my schedule. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else and I recommend them to everyone.

    Brittany T.

    I like to say Victoria and Simi at the front desk are very professional and at the same time are very nice to us. The doctor, he has hands of gold, he makes us feel good physically and mentally. In my opinion, Dr. Malak is the best. There has been an improvement in my back since I have been coming here. I know he will make my back good again.


    In the fall of 2010 I was in a car accident where I was hit from behind while stopped at a traffic light. After multiple Chiropractic appointments with no relief, my Neurologist sent me to Dr Malak for Physical Therapy. After only about 6 weeks I have already noticed a SIGNIFICANT reduction in pain. The staff at St Tereiza Physical Therapy & Rehab are always friendly, knowledgeable and constantly accommodating of my many schedule changes. Attending physical therapy 3x per week while working a full-time job and juggling a family with two small toddlers is no easy feat, but the benefits far outweigh the challenges. Where else can you go and see ONLY your treating doctor on every single visit? You are never pushed off to an assistant and always see Dr Malak whether its 2p in the afternoon on a nice day or 6p in the eve during a snowstorm! I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks, St Tereiza Physical Therapy & Rehab!


    The environment at this establishment is excellent. From the moment I walk in i feel welcome. I can say that it is a pleasure to have to go to physical therapy here. I can have a good time while trying to improve my current physical status. Dr. Azab is always a pleasure. Victoria and Simi at the front desk always greet me with a smile. I couldn't imagine a better experience then this anywhere else.


    St. Tereiza Physical Therapy & Rehab is a wonderful establishment. The office is clean & the environment is friendly and caring. Dr. Malak and his office assistants do their best to cater to their patients' needs. I have been a patient of Dr. Malak for the past 8 months (& counting), & have no regrets of my choice of Physical Therapist. Dr. Malak is knowledgeable in his field, accommodating, considerate and is always a pleasure to be around. I highly recommend St. Tereiza Physical Therapy & Rehab to all those that are in need of top-notch care.

    Deb C.

    I look forward to my physical therapy each week. I feel immediate relief after my appointment. Dr. Azab is wonderful and very informative. The staff is wonderful and I thank them for reminding me of my appointments the day before since I am very forgetful. His location in Ridge is so easy for me to go on my lunch break which I am very lucky to have that convenience. I highly recommend you seek St. Tereiza Physical Therapy & Rehab if you're in need of treatment.

    Diana Beach

    Dear Dr. Malak Azab and entire staff St. Tereiza Physical Therapy & Rehab: I would like to thank you Dr. Malak and the entire staff for being there for me the past year. I have been a patient of Dr. Malak the past year. I have worked with Dr. Malak the past year he has been treating me for neck sprain & hip injuries sustained to my body and mobility strength. Dr. Malak has strong communications skills and expertise and education and skills other physical therapists around Long Island do not have. I have been to many other physical therapists. Dr. Malak qualifications physical therapy treatments and communicate with me regarding my condition and treatments that are needed to restore my health strength on several weekly visits to prevent the loss of mobility before it occurs by developing fitness and wellness-oriented programs for healthier and more active lifestyles. He is very caring kind and compassionate and possess a desire to help his patients goes over your medical condition and treatments that are needed to restore your mobility and health.

    Dr. Malak has advanced education hand on skills that many other therapists around Long Island do not have. He has a very specially equipped facilities office at several locations in Suffolk county to accommodate his patients. Dr. Malak accomplishes as a therapist are far advance than others through his expertise on hands-on training and furthering his education through the American physical therapy association. My experiences with Dr. Malak the past year have been positive and good working with him through many medical problems or other injuries sustained that limited my ability to move and perform functional activities as well as my strength daily has improved.

    Greatly I will continue physical therapy on several visits per week through education learning about my disability. I have the ability to move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability; in addition, physical therapy prevents the loss of mobility before it occurs by developing fitness and wellness-oriented programs for healthier and more active lifestyles. Physical therapy evaluates and diagnoses movement dysfunction and uses interventions to treat patients/clients. Interventions may include therapeutic exercise, functional training, manual therapy techniques, assistive and adaptive devices and equipment, and physical agents and electherapeutic modalities.

    Dr. Malak has strong communication with me as a patient. Interpersonal communication skills. He takes his time sits with you and goes over your injuries and medical with you he takes the time so he can educate you about your medical condition and physical well being throughout your therapy sessions.

    Dr. Malak Azab and his entire staff are very accommodating to help you with any billing questions or any insurance questions. I would recommend Dr. Malak to my friends, family, and other professionals in the physical therapy industry, other health care practitioners and the healthcare industry. He has hands-on advanced training skills education research within the physical therapy industry. He is a remarkable physical therapist as I will continue it for life. Or by the way, through physical therapy, I feel 10 years younger, healthier and alive. I look forward to coming year and years to come working with Dr. Malak and his entire staff to improve my overall health & physical mobility condition.

    I rate Dr. Malak Azab St. Tereiza Physical Therapy & Rehab 10 plus. Thank you for allowing me to take a moment to share my success with my health & mobility. It's because of my continue efforts of working with Dr. Malak as a physical therapist.

    Yours Truly,
    Barbara Baumgarten